*Please check room availability and submit the reservation form below.
(Please note that reservation status may change by the time of the booking.)

*We will send you a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours.

<Please understand the following.>
※ Check in ・・・4:00PM – 10:00PM.
※ Check out・・・before 10:00AM.
※ Curfew ・・・12:00AM.
※ When you’d like to leave your baggage before 4:00PM, please let me know in advance.

Please confirm the availability with the following calendar.

A : domi  女性用ドミトリー 4人まで (female dormitory / 〜4people)
B : 和 #1  1名用個室(和室)/ japanese style room /1person
C : 和#1~2 1~2名用個室 (和室)/ japanese style room /1~2people
D : 洋#1~2 1~2名用個室(洋室) /bed room /1~2people
E : 和#1~3 1~3名用個室(和室) / japanese style room /1~3people
F: VIP #1-2  1~2名用スイート(洋室) / VIP bed room /1~2person